Jet Ops has added Doha International Airport in Qatar to its extended network of Middle Eastern landing locations. This has opened up the possibility of a Doha air charter to any of the Emirates. It’s another piece of Jet Ops strategy to connect the entire region with flexible and customisable seaplane flights.

Rather than wait for a scheduled flight connection, a Doha air charter provides expedited travel between Qatar and dozens of central locations in the UAE.

New Doha Air Charters by Seaplane

Despite its proximity to the UAE, Doha is relatively inaccessible for international visitors combining Qatar and the Emirates. Flight schedules often mean a lengthy delay at Doha International while transiting by land means travelling through Saudi Arabia, so most visitors must arrange a Saudi Arabian visa in advance. Passengers can now enjoy Doha air charters that fly direct from the Qatari airport runway to dozens of locations across the UAE.

Expedited Doha Air Charters

From Doha International Airport you can customise aerial routes across the Middle East and Europe. Our seaplanes can land at various coastal locations, offering expedited Doha air charter from the airport to the waters of the Arabian Gulf. Rather than transfer to another international airport, you touch down in the heart of the city, meaning passengers disembark directly into their Dubai or Abu Dhabi business venue or resort. Jet Ops also arranges permissions to land in the other Emirates and locations across Oman.

About the Jet Ops Network

As the Middle East’s leading amphibian aircraft specialist, Jet Ops has worked hard to develop partnerships with landing locations all across the region. These include all the UAE’s international airports as well as a variety of prime water landing points in central city locations. With a seaplane wet leasing you have the opportunity to benefit from this extended network and our network of important Middle Eastern aviation contacts. Adding Doha International Airport is another step in ensuring the entire region is accessible by seaplane.

For dry and wet seaplane across the Middle East and Europe, please get in touch with your requirements.