Whether corporate or private, most clients are looking for a Dubai air charter that offers flexibility and comfort. Which is why we operate a fleet of Cessna 208 Caravans. These rugged aircraft are ideal for the demands of Dubai air charter, able to operate across the UAE anytime during daylight hours.

We take a quick look at the Cessna 208’s features and why they’ve become an unmistakable sight amongst the Dubai landscape.

Conversion to Amphibious Aircraft

The Cessna Caravan doesn’t come in amphibian mode as standard. The small aircraft is a premium corporate choice across the world. Seaplanes first landed in Dubai in the 1930’s, luxurious flying boats that hopped from the UK to India and Australia. Back then, there wasn’t even electricity or concrete buildings in Dubai. Inspired by those journeys, we enhanced the Cessna’s flexibility by adding the amphibian touch. This conversion makes the seaplane adept at landing on both water and land, opening up dozens of locations across the UAE. So this Dubai air charter can remove and drastically reduce the need for land transfers. Take off from the Arabian Gulf waters outside a five-star resort, touch down on private beaches, and transfer directly to premier business venues along the coast.

Nine Luxury Leather Seats

With this Dubai air charter there’s space for nine passengers in an air-conditioned cabin. Every seat is a window seat, with large amounts of legroom and comfy leather fittings. One of these is a seat besides the pilot, giving one passenger the chance to experience the views of a copilot. By operating a fleet of four Cessna 208 Caravans, we can also move large groups of passengers in a short time period. This is a service used regularly by our corporate clients for MICE events.

Customised Viewing Windows for Every Passenger

In the Cessna 208 Caravan there’s no leaning over shoulders for the best views. Soar across the Emirates landscape and every passenger gazes out through a personal viewing window. Every journey is a scenic charter and routes can be customised to maximise the aerial sightseeing. At 1500 ft you become part of the landscape, close enough to admire the surreal details yet high enough to appreciate the Emirates’ scale.

A Luxurious Interior

Our seaplane interiors have been carefully customised to offer space and comfort. Seaplanes were once the pinnacle of luxury travel. Our vision is to reinstall them on the world’s landscape and celebrate the history of an exclusive mode of transport. Expect more than enough room inside the cabin and the luxury fittings demanded by discerning passengers.

Safety Features on a Cessna Caravan

The Cessna 208 Caravan has spent 30 years evolving into one of the world’s leading single-engine turboprop planes. Around the world it’s trusted by large numbers of military operators, government organisations, and international airlines. An industry-leading Garmin G111 avionics suite enhances the pilot’s situational awareness by ensuring all data and control is available in a single view. The Caravan is designed to flexibly handle large payloads at 25,000 ft. On our Dubai air charters they’re not pushed to anywhere near this capability, cruising at 1,500 ft with barely 25% of its possible payload.

Take off distance is just over 2,000 ft while landing distance is 1,625 ft. This provides the flexibility to touch down on small stretches of water, like the Dubai Creek. Such adaptability ensures the Cessna 208 Caravan remains in a strong position in the case of emergency. Worldwide fame came to the pilot who ingeniously brought a Boeing down on New York’s Hudson River. This is something our pilots and planes can do as standard. We continue to be proud of our zero-incident history and regularly reassess our safety procedures with external experts.

Meet the Pilot of a Dubai Air Charter

But a plane is only as safe as its pilot. So meet one our pilots, guaranteed to have thousands of hours flying time and an unblemished zero-incident history. Most of them have been flying seaplanes across the UAE for years and specialise in flying the 208 Caravan. We comply to all FAA regulations on pilot training and use a variety of data from the FAA and DOT to select our pilots, who are amongst the world’s most experienced at flying seaplanes. Between them, our pilots have accrued some 36,000 hours of flying time.

Customise a Dubai Air Charter

Jet Ops operates flights for Seawings and provides customisable seaplane charter services to a wide range of clients. We also provide flexible wet lease solutions. Get in touch to discuss your requirements.