Aircraft Management

Jet Ops manages seaplanes for Seawings LLC and a variety of other providers. We provide integrated aviation solutions developed through knowledge and experience, operating around the clock with an inherent dedication to detail.

Aircraft Management from the Aviation Experts

What works for one client doesn’t necessary work for another. And nor should it. Jet Ops provides customised solutions for every client. Our strategic location enables us to offer seaplane management for clients looking for an aircraft base across the Middle East and Europe. An experienced team can provide aircraft management services for multiple aircraft types, including Cessna, SAAB, Piper, Beechcraft, and various others.

From assistance with AOC transfer procedures to operational planning, our team provides a proactive and consultative approach for every client. We can assist with maintenance and maintenance schedules, managing operations, safety standards and legal requirements. Our understanding of the aviation marketplace ensures we can provide detailed and individualised services. We are currently establishing the first seaplane aircraft maintenance organisation base in the UAE while continuing to spread our offer to clients around the world.

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