Jet Ops specialises in the management and leasing of seaplanes in the UAE.

Based in Dubai but able to operate across the Middle East and Europe, Jet Ops has over a decade’s experience in providing seaplane management and seaplane charter services. Jet Ops FZE operate all flights offered by Seawings LLC. No other operator offers seaplane flights in the UAE.

We’re strategically located to provide aircraft management services for various aircraft types and clients across Middle Eastern and European operational bases. Headed up by a stellar team of aviation experts, Jet Ops has evolved to become the premier solution for seaplane management and charter in the region.

Jet Ops holds a UAE Air Operator Certificate and has implemented industry-leading standards around seaplane safety and aviation management in the UAE. Our pilots have accrued over 36,000 hours of flying time and continue to be amongst the worlds most experienced seaplane pilots.


Intimate Exposure to an Elite Demographic

Jet Ops have evolved to become one of the leading players in Middle Eastern aviation. By being flexible and proactive we continue to be the premier choice for luxury clients seeking air charters and air tours in the UAE. We are currently expanding our branding opportunities for partners in the UAE.

Jet Ops provides direct exposure to decision makers and high net worth customers. All our services and packages are associated with the high value experience, with the minimum spend per couple hovering around AED 3,000. We fly Dubai’s elite as well as luxury travellers to the UAE, from the world’s wealthiest to corporate decision makers. Partnering with Jet Ops provides intimate access to this demographic, offering exposure to hundreds of thousands of high value customers.

Access to the Decision Makers

Jet Ops does not offer glimpsed exposure to millions of random customers. We can offer unrivalled access to a unique demographic of decision makers and spenders. Our individual and corporate clients have affinities across a variety of high-end spheres, including lifestyle, fashion, hospitality, travel, sports, financial services, and more. We fly the internationally famous and some of the world’s big decision markers. Our repeat client rate showcases that many of these are returning customers, who trust our brand and offer.

A branding partnership with Jet Ops offers comprehensive exposure to the customers that matter. High value exposure is available on various parts of our seaplanes. In addition, this branding opens advertising opportunities at product launches, corporate events, and exotic destinations across the UAE. All branding is multi layered, from direct customer contact to social media following and marketing collaterals.

Jet Ops Branding: The Details

As of 2016, we operate:

  • 10,000 seaplane flights per year
  • Carrying 30,000 passengers per year
  • High net worth demographic with our experiences starting at AED 3,000 per couple
  • International demographic predominantly of passengers aged 25 ? 50

Jet Ops are currently offering a variety of partnering opportunities for brands. Our platinum package includes one full aircraft solo branding, along with prominent branding on boarding cards, check-in counters, websites, and more. In addition, partners enjoy complimentary gold air charters, social media exposure, and branding across all the seats of the aircraft. A gold package is also available and Jet Ops is flexible about creating new partnerships with interested brands. In addition, we can offer ready made corporate incentives and customisable third party and customer incentives.