For corporate and private individuals, a seaplane charter provides expedited travel between destinations all across the region. There are no traffic queues, road signals, or circular routes around the mountains. Seaplanes are fast and efficient while providing immediate access to a huge range of five-star resorts, sports venues, destinations, and conference venues across the Emirates. Rather than go through the main entrance you can land on a private beach and step straight from the plane into your destination.

These seaplane charters are fully customised for every client and every engagement. Charters includes customising routing (if required), pre-flight refreshments, plus the unique experience of taking off and landing on the water. With dozens of departure locations to choose from, an exclusive seaplane flight is a fusion of memorable air tour and convenient aerial transfer.

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Seaplane Feature

The Cessna 208 Caravan interiors have been carefully customised to maximise space and comfort.


26 locations across the region providing the complete flexibility for business travel and corporate meetings as per your schedule.

JEt-OPS Crew

Operated by some of most experienced pilots for the past 9 years with an exemplary track record of safety and security.




Air Taxi offers a complete service and will arrange all additional ground transfers as required. With an Air Taxi you always get the complete journey. Details are coordinated for seamless transfers between the seaplane and the chauffeured vehicle.



We have an eclectic mix of world-leading resorts, luxury hotels, and global properties that allow guests to indulge in, inimitable travel experiences, and Arabia’s timeless hospitality.



Our day packages are are based on an intimate knowledge of the region’s exclusive and exotic experiences. From hotels to golf courses, desert indulgence to coastal bliss, our packages can be intricately tailored to the most exacting of requests.


Jet Ops Air Taxi Services is a combination of the journey and the experience. The journey is an unique amalgamation of arriving at your destination in style and as per your schedule. Have a look at the accompaniments you enjoy while travelling with us.

Seaplane feature

Air Taxis should offer flexibility and comfort, which is why we operate a fleet of Cessna 208 Caravan aircraft. Each has been individually customised for amphibian use, opening up dozens of water landing strips and enhancing the on-board experience.

Our seaplanes have capacity for nine passengers with luggage and every Air Taxi is only for you and your invited guests.

Cruising above the Middle East is a special experience, blending iconic cityscapes with inspiring desert and the glistening tones of the gulfs. Every passenger enjoys sublime uninterrupted views, ensuring aerial sightseeing comes as standard on every Air Taxi flight.

A Serene Journey

Seaplane engines sound very different to helicopter propellers. Unlike a chopper, there's no need to wear padded noise-silencing headphones. The seaplane engine is soft and serene, with the resonance similar to the experience of flying in an Airbus 380. Passengers are able to easily converse during the flight and there's never any need to shout above the engine.

Back in the 1930s, seaplanes were the pinnacle of luxury travel, reserved for the elite of society. Jet-ops has revived seaplane travel, maintaining the same dedication to luxury and comfort while broadening its accessibility to new audiences. With every Air Taxi you enjoy a tranquil journey through the sky, often accompanied by the elegance of touching down on the water.

Customised Amphibian Aircraft

The flexibility of our Cessna 208 Caravans has been enhanced by adding the amphibian touch. The aircraft have been specially converted into seaplanes, opening up the possibility of touching down on water. These rugged aircraft are ideal for the demands of the Middle East, able to operate anytime during daylight hours and use a huge range of central landing locations along the Arabian Gulf and Gulf of Oman.  However, the innovation doesn't impact their ability to use traditional runways, enabling unique routes from water to airport and vice versa. Typically, our aircraft cruise at 1500 feet, an altitude that reduces travel time and ensures intimate vistas from every seat.


The 26 locations are an eclectic mix of waterfront properties and international airports. With an Air Taxi you choose the route and the time of departure. Our network of landing locations offers an array of choice and avoids having to always travel via large international airports. Take off from the water, just a few minutes away from your hotel. An Air Taxi can operate anytime during daylight hours and each private charter has space for up to nine passengers with luggage. Each of these locations are an integral part of the business hub. Touching down on the water means direct flights to central city locations, along with aerial access to destinations that are inaccessible by traditional aviation. And there's no queuing or waiting around at an airport.

Jet-ops crew

Jet Ops holds a UAE Air Operator Certificate and has implemented industry-leading standards around seaplane safety and aviation management in the UAE. Our pilots have accrued over 36,000 hours of flying time and continue to be amongst the world's most experienced seaplane pilots.

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In addition, Jet-ops has pioneered a unique network of intra-Gulf routes that include Oman, Doha and Bahrain. Passengers can travel directly from major international airports across the Gulf to central city locations in the UAE. There is no onerous waiting for scheduled departures and no queuing for security. Air Taxis offer quick seamless travel that covers the entire region. We fly corporate travelers every day. Some of the popular destinations and routes our guests fly very regularly are as follows